So i have created my own Element Type and enabled statuses with the hasStatuses() method.

In the ControlPanel its shown that each element has its own status, but it cant be changed. See image below: enter image description here

The checkboxes are missing to select the desired entry and then disable or enable it. Im crawling through the source code but i am not able to find a clue on how to enable this feature.

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That's because those buttons are ActionButtons and they have actually nothing to do with statuses in general since the status is not a single field value nor is there a value in the DB that's called status. For example: the status of an entry depends on several different attributes like expiryDate or the date when it's published so there is no way to set those statuses via button there.

You'll need to register the action buttons for your element type. Just take a look at an entries defineActions function.

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