On /admin/settings/email, when the HTML Email Template field is set to a valid template, all system messages are sent using it. They inject the content of the messages inside the {% block main %}{{body}}{% endblock %} variable.

From a custom plugin, setHtmlBody doesn't inject the content inside it. It takes its value as the whole template value instead of only replacing the {{body}} variable.



use craft\mail\Message;

$message = new Message();
$message->setTo('[email protected]');
$message->setSubject("Hello world.");
$message->setHtmlBody("Hello world.");

How can I send this email using the custom HTML email template specified in my CP Email Settings?

I could copy-paste the whole file content of my custom template inside the setHtmlBody, but it doesn't seems to be a clean way...

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There are different ways

Extending the E-mail template in your template

This could be your email template emails/_someMail

{% extends 'path/of/your/layout-same-as-you-inserted-in-your-cp' %}

{% block main %}Hello World{% endblock %}

And in your PHP file

use craft\mail\Message;

$message = new Message();
$message->setTo('[email protected]');
$message->setSubject("Hello world.");

Render the correct template from the beginning

You can do exactly the same as Craft does in it's function - but I would suggest the first way

$systemMessage = Craft::$app->getSystemMessages()->getMessage('test_email', $message->language);
$subjectTemplate = $systemMessage->subject;
$textBodyTemplate = $systemMessage->body;

// Use the site template mode
$view = Craft::$app->getView();
$templateMode = $view->getTemplateMode();

// Use the message language
$language = Craft::$app->language;
if ($message->language !== null) {
    Craft::$app->language = $message->language;

$settings = Craft::$app->getSystemSettings()->getEmailSettings();
$variables = ($message->variables ?: []) + [
        'emailKey' => $message->key,
        'fromEmail' => $settings->fromEmail,
        'fromName' => $settings->fromName,

// Render the subject and textBody
$subject = $view->renderString($subjectTemplate, $variables);
$textBody = $view->renderString($textBodyTemplate, $variables);

// Is there a custom HTML template set?
if (Craft::$app->getEdition() === Craft::Pro && Craft::$app->getMailer()->template) {
    $template = Craft::$app->getMailer()->template;
} else {
    // Default to the _special/email.html template
    $template = '_special/email';

$e = null;
try {
    $htmlBody = $view->renderTemplate($template, array_merge($variables, [
        'body' => Template::raw(Markdown::process($textBody)),
} catch (TemplateLoaderException $e) {
    // Clean up before throwing

// Set things back to normal
Craft::$app->language = $language;

if ($e !== null) {
    throw $e;

  • Thank you so much Robin. I always appreciate your relevant answers.
    – Romain P.
    Commented Sep 19, 2018 at 7:58
  • SO AWSM - thanks heaps Commented Apr 14, 2022 at 14:34

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