I am using Contact Form Extensions plugin https://github.com/Rias500/craft-contact-form-extensions for setting up custom notification email template but not sure what tag would be used for additional fields like Phone. Here is my code sample:

<p>Name: {{ submission.fromName }}</p>
<p>Company: {{ submission.Company }}</p>
<p>Name: {{ submission.fromEmail }}</p>
<p>Phone: {{ submission.Phone }}</p>
<p>Type of Enquiry: {{ submission.typeOfEnquiry }}</p>
<p>Message: {{ submission.message }}</p>

Could anyone please help.

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I think it should be:

{{ submission.message.Phone }}

I just had the same issue and the following worked for me:

<p>Phone: {{ submission.message['Phone'] }}</p>
<p>Message: {{ submission.message['body'] }}</p>

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