I have a multisite setup and and a search bar at the top of each site. Currently it just searches within that site:

{% set theSite = craft.app.request.getSegment(1) %}
{% paginate craft.entries.search(search).site(theSite).orderBy('score').limit(9) as pageInfo, pageEntries %}

The first segment defines the site. I need to expand the searches to include all entries in all sites. Is this possible? I tried variations of getAllSites and just .site but of course those didn't work.

If its not possible to search all sites at once I may look at running each search and adding all of the results together.

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The Entries Query only allows you to search one site at a time. Here is the documentation for the Site Object or Site Id query params.

You can get each site by:

{% set sites = craft.app.sites.allSites %}
{% for site in sites %}
{% endfor %}

Currently, you unfortunately can't query all sites within your entires, you will have to separate your results out with a for-loop by site, as @aran did above.

Craft 3.2 will thankfully fix this by allowing you to pass sites to an array or query sites('*') to return entries from all your sites:



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