Having a problem with the Formerly plugin where it is throwing an error if CSS is passed into the Submission body. Not sure if this is a Craft of a Formerly problem but looking into it further, the issue seems to occur when ! or ; are being passed into the templates->renderObjectTemplate() service - this results in an Unexpected character error being returned.

Any thoughts on how best to sanitise the input for this method so that form submission doesn't break?


The has been solved (kinda) - turns out CSS was being passed into the renderObjectTemplate method for an email template. This meant that Twig was (understandably) trying to process the { and } characters as objects which was causing the service to throw a wobble.

Have stripped out the CSS for now and will see if there is another way we can pass these characters into the service without breaking it.

Many thanks @robin on the CraftCMS Slack for help identifying and debugging the problem.

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