I have a controller in the console folder. How can I call this controller via ajax please?

I tried to config a route in Routes.php, and then call this route by jquery Get() function. But none of these below work...

'api/v0/hub-loader/<sheet_id:\d+>' => 'craftplugin/import-hubs/test',
'api/v0/hub-loader/<sheet_id:\d+>' => 'craftplugin/console/controllers/import-hubs/test',
'api/v0/hub-loader/<sheet_id:\d+>' => 'craftplugin/console/import-hubs/test',

All these routes return 404 page not found error

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I found a way to get around this problem by creating a controller which extends the console controller. Then I can call the functions in this child controller.

But if anyone knows how to call console controllers directly, please tell me.Thx

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