I would like to loop through all the fields of a field layout tab form the current entry.

This is working fine to get the field name and value:

{% for fieldLayoutField in entry.getFieldLayout().getFields() if fieldLayoutField.tabId == 50 %}
    {% set field = craft.app.fields.getFieldById(fieldLayoutField.id) %}
    Field name: {{ field.name }}
    Field value: entry[field.handle]
{% endfor %}

But I need to go a step further, by checking the field type, and then handle something different depending of the type.


{% if field.type == 'dropdown' %}
        {% for option in field.options %}
            <option value="{{ option.value }}">
                {{ option.label }}
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

As {{ field.type }} and {{ entry[field.handle].type }} aren't defined, I can't guess properly when this is, for example, a Plain Text field or a Dropdown field.

I could guess some fields type, by some checks like bellow, but it sounds very dirty:

  • field.columnType returns text if a Plain Text field.
  • field.options | length returns true if a Dropdown field.

For some others, like the Lightswitch field, I don't know exactly how to guess the type properly.

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You can use the className function

{% switch className(field) %}
    {% case 'craft\\fields\\PlainText' %}
    {% case 'craft\\fields\\Dropdown' %}

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