I'm a total Craft newbie, so I hope this question isn't ridiculous.

I just want to see a controller / action work in my new module.

I have src/controllers/ScrapeController.php as such:


namespace mycompany\mymodule\controllers;

use craft\web\Controller;

class ScrapeController extends Controller {

    public function actionPush()
        return $this->asJson([
            'success' => TRUE,

And I just want to see this URL work: http://localhost/my-module/scrape/push

But instead I get: HTTP 404 - Template not found

I'm sure I'm missing something really dumb here. Any ideas?

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You'll either need to use the action url http://localhost/actions/my-module/scrape/push since only those will route to controllers by default or create a custom route to your controller


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