Having issues getting Craft to use a transform I set in the CP: squarePhoto. I keep getting a template error, even though that transform exist.

Variable "squarePhoto" does not exist

The template code in question is:

{% for asset in block.photoImages %}
    <img src="{{ asset.getUrl(squarePhoto) }}" alt="{{ asset.title }}">
{% endfor %}

After digging through other threads, I saw that Craft adds a subfolder to the directory with the transform name–this has not been generated. What am I missing?

I've also added the config var 'generateTransformsBeforePageLoad' => true, to my general.php to see if that made a difference.

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It's a very subtle difference, but what you have added there is a variable, when what you are looking for is a string.

<img src="{{ asset.getUrl('squarePhoto') }}" alt="{{ asset.title }}">

Notice the difference?

Your current way would be correct if you had set a variable somewhere with the name of squarePhoto, like so:

{% set squarePhoto = 'transformName' %}

Check out the Twig Primer in the Craft docs.

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    Very subtle indeed! Thanks for the description to, it helps to understand the differences
    – Siebird
    Sep 24, 2014 at 17:50

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