How do I embed an image (PNG,SVG or JPG) into a CraftCMS Commerce 2 PDF receipt? I tried importing the svg using an includes. I tried using an img tag and referencing a local file. Nothing seems to work.



Have you tried to use a absolute path without the «/» at the beginning? (or actually a relative one from the webroot…) <img src="assets/images/site/logo.png" />

This did the trick in my case.

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The PDF renderer uses DOMPDF, which expects a HTML document to be supplied. See the DOMPDF documentation to see what types of images are supported.

If you are linking images from a different domain you will need to set the commerce.php config setting of pdfAllowRemoteImages to true.


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  • I have the pdfallowremoteimages setting already. I guess my question is where do I grab the image from? The local shop/_pdf directory or somewhere else? I am getting an "Image not found" error in the PDF so it seems like dompdf cannot locate the resource. I have tried <img src="logo.png" /> ans well as <img src="/assets/images/site/logo.png" /> – David A McInnis Aug 7 '18 at 18:01
  • Am also struggling with this, I have pdfAllowRemoteImages set to true, and have tried an absolute path to an image on the frontend website (eg blah) and a relative path - still getting an empty square and "image not found" error as per comment above – James Greig Aug 7 '19 at 16:30

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