I was recently able to get Craft CMS installed on my local server and I am using MAMP to host locally as I develop the site.

I have never set up a site on my own, so I was hoping someone could give me some instructions on how I eventually post my site.

I already have a domain registered through DreamHost and I am prepared to set up a managed server or VPS, but how will this work in the end?

Ideally, I would have things set up so that I could push everything to github and the site would update automatically. I've used GitHub pages before, so this is the process I'm most familiar with.


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I'd recommend against DreamHost, FWIW -> How Agencies & Freelancers Should Do Web Hosting

In any event, to do what you want to do, you'll need something that triggers on that when a push to GitHub or what have you happens. If you use Forge as a provisioner, that comes baked in.

If not, you can use a service like buddy.works or the like to do it for you. This is discussed a bit in the Setting up a New Craft CMS 3 Project article under the DEPLOYING CRAFT CMS section.

We also discuss it on the Website Deployment without Tears podcast on devMode.fm

...but the general idea is that something has to receive a notification from GitHub when you push to a particular branch, to kick off the deployment process for you. Here's what my deployment script looks like on Forge: My deploy script for Forge

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