I'm having difficulties following the install instructions found at https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/installation.html. I've ssh'd into my server, and I'm running composer to install Craft, as directed in step 1.

Because I've run Composer, the instructions say I can probably safely skip steps 2 and 3. Awesome.

Step 4: Create a database... now wait, when installing Craft via Composer, it gave me the option of running setup from the terminal - which I did. And during this, it asked for database driver, server or IP name, database name, etc. All stuff I needed to know way before I got to step 4.

Step 5. Setup a webserver. Guessing these instructions are specific for local installs? Perhaps this should be made clearer?

Step 6. Run the Setup Wizard. Again... didn't I do this in step one?

After running setup from Step 1, it finished with this:

> save the first user ... done
> save the email settings ... done
*** installed Craft successfully (time: 3.718s)

Looks to me as if everything is as should be. According to the instructions, I should be able to access my new Craft site from my web browser.

Screen Shot showing a listing of files and directories

Not so much.

I've been having a lot of issues getting Craft 3 to run (if you look at my post history, I've asked like 3 or 4 questions over the last few days related to installation). I don't think I'm that stupid (but I've been proven wrong before!), so I'm not sure why this has been so challenging to me.

Can anyone possibly explain where I'm going wrong?

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If that's what you see when you go to the URL, then you probably don't have the server root set properly. It should point to the web/ directory, not the project root.

Some more helpful Craft setup info can be found here: Setting up a New Craft CMS 3 Project

Typically you do the install in local dev, and then have some kind of a deployment process to deploy it to your staging/production servers.

  • As a side note, I opted to use FTP, as I'm not in position to pay for a deployment service. Nor, do I think I successfully learn one in my current frame of mine /s I'm hoping someone learns from my stupidity here... because my FTP client doesn't show hidden files, (e.g., .env), it didn't upload it. Once that file got uploaded, 90% of the site worked. Once I got the .htaccess file uploaded as well (even though Andrew says NOT TO USE .HTACCESS), everything else worked as well.
    – Shad
    Commented Jul 24, 2018 at 17:16

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