I'm trying to call craft\web\View::renderPageTemplate from within a console controller (also tried from a queue job), but running into all kinds of trouble:


Currently I'm doing:

$view = Craft::$app->getView();
$view->renderPageTemplate($template, $variables);

The end goal is to render a template, cache it, and send the html to a web service.

How can I do this without everything breaking?

…Or is there another way to do this, or should this be a feature request?


Given that it's craft\web\View.php I think you're probably out of luck. Though it's only registerAssetFlashes() that seems to call getSession(), but I'm expecting more than just that may assume a frontend request. You could always ping a controller endpoint via Guzzle to return the Twig-rendered HTML to you though.

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  • I thought about just making a web request via Guzzle but that isn't really what I want in this case. This is not a publicly accessible template, I need to pass it $variables, and I want to cache the result (the latter I could still do via Guzzle). – Tim Kelty Jul 17 '18 at 10:01

You need to remove every Twig function like craft.app.getSession() within your templates and use the

$view->renderTemplate($template, $variables); 

function instead of

$view->renderPageTemplate($template, $variables);
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  • I can do that, but still get errors with any Twig extension that is added by a plugin. – Tim Kelty Jul 20 '18 at 5:25

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