In the Control Panel, when users are selecting an image for the asset field, the thumbnails are too small in the popping up image modal. Is there any way to make the images bigger? enter image description here


If you're running Craft 3, you can click an asset and then hit SHIFT + SPACE to open a Lightbox with the image.

Craft 3 Asset Lightbox/Modal


You can change the view at the top right corner There is also a setting in your asset fields what the default view should be enter image description here

  • Thanks, it helped. But I'm still wondering if there is any api to do this without switching the view mode?
    – yu xia
    Jul 12 '18 at 22:46
  • What do you want an API for? You can execute the Javascript to change the view and you can set the default setting. Do you want to change the view from another user dynamically? Jul 12 '18 at 22:47
  • Yeh, I've tried JS to make it done and it's working. I just prefer a craft way to achieve this :)
    – yu xia
    Jul 13 '18 at 0:56
  • As I already said there are Craft ways to achieve it. You just need to ask properly Jul 13 '18 at 5:10

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