I am running Freeform 1.9.0 and I have a small plugin that is supposed to save user submission id's to a custom user field. The plugin returns error when it runs after a new user submits a form though.

Here is the error

Call to a member function getContent() on null

Here is the code

        function (Event $event) {
            $submission = $event->params["model"];
            $isNew    = $event->params["isNew"];

            $submissionId = $submission->id;

            $user = craft()->userSession->getUser();

            $user->getContent()->submissionID = $submission->getId();
            $success = craft()->users->saveUser($user);

            if (!craft()->users->saveUser($user))
                $errors = $user->getErrors();

Please read the article handling errors gracefully in Craft it will explain to code defensively and what to do in those scenarios. Your $user variable is null and you can't execute functions on null variables

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