Is there a way to loop through a day in 15-minute intervals, with the output of said intervals being localizable? This (cringe-worthy) snippet should help explain what I'm trying to accomplish:

    {% for hour in 0..23 %}
        {% for min in [0, 15, 30, 45] %}

            {% set foo = [hour, min]|join(':')|date('H:i')|date_modify('+0 days') %}
            <li>{{ foo.localeTime() }}</li>

        {% endfor %}
    {% endfor %}

For me, that snippet results in the unusual error Method "localeTime" for object "DateTime" does not exist.

(This question was asked on g+ by Chris Davis. I copied it to SE, as I didn't want to answer it there!)

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You can set the site's timezone in Craft, but you won't get different timezones for your locales with that (locales != timezones btw.). But what you can do is to use Twig's |date filter which allows you to specify a different timezone for the output (list of supported timezones). If you create your own DateTime object by joining strings, you have to add a timezone here to give the filter a basis for its calculations. Make this match your Craft settings.

The following example works without the Localization package.

{# Set locale time to GMT+2 #}
{% set localeTime = "0:00 +0200" %}

        <th>Local Time</th><th>Sao Paulo</th><th>Manaus</th>

    {% for hour in 0..23 %}
        {% for min in [0, 15, 30, 45] %}

                {# Join time segments in a format supported by strtotime #}
                {% set timeStep = ['+ ', hour, ' hours ', min, ' minutes']|join() %}

                {# Modify the locale time and output in chosen timezone #}
                <td>{{ localeTime|date_modify(timeStep)|date('H:i') }}</td>
                <td>{{ localeTime|date_modify(timeStep)|date('H:i', "America/Sao_Paulo") }}</td>
                <td>{{ localeTime|date_modify(timeStep)|date('H:i', "America/Manaus") }}</td>

        {% endfor %}
    {% endfor %}

To bring the site's currently requested locale into the game, just do some comparisons on craft.locale.

{{ craft.locale == 'de-DE' ? localeTime|date('H:i') }}
{{ craft.locale == 'pt-BR' ? localeTime|date('H:i', "America/Sao_Paulo") }}

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