How to achieve autocompletion for Craft 3 for PHP inside Visual Studio Code? I mean, what is required (like installing PHP locally, folder structure etc.) if at all possible?

I assume many people who develop PHP are using PHPStorm for this. Also as I recall there are even instructions on how to get autocompletion for Craft 3 inside PHPStorm here: link. As I'm trying to build some plugins I would prefer setting up an environment that works for me with autocompletion without having to look up everything and playing the guessing game. Out of preference I would like to use Visual Studio Code for this, so currently I'm somewhat stuck as I don't know if it is possible to get a similar kind of autocompletion like in PHPStorm inside Visual Studio Code for Craft 3 and also how to achieve it. If someone could point me in a direction, I would be more than happy!

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