I recently installed Verbbs Comments plugin on my Craft site, which seems all well and good except that I can't toggle the comment replies. ('2 comments' when clicked does nothing)

enter image description here

Everything else works fine but that. I'm currently using the sample CSS and JS which was provided on their website.

I have also tried the AJAX version provided on this page:


Not trying to override anything on this plugin, just want to get the sample up and running.

Also, no error in console.


I remember having to modify the javascript and templates quite extensively to get it working. Take a look at the code and find out what needs fixing. If you're using Bootstrap you can modify the template so that it uses Bootstraps buttons and dropdowns, and that's how I got it working nicely.


I found that making a slight modification to the comments.html made this work perfectly, the answer I found can be located here:


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