I am new on Craft CMS and it's the first CMS I am trying. Hey guys, I apologies is this question was asked before. I went through lot of articles and I didn't get anything helpful yet. I added in home.html, made changes to var.scss and home.scss so that the background color of the can be gray.

When I open the project in the browser the is not displaying but it's visible during inspection.

How can I fix this problem?


Have you read this?

SCSS needs to be compiled and the page is loaded with the compiled CSS files, the SCSS references are used only for easier debugging and development. Seeing a change during inspection, does not necessarily mean that the CSS file changed, maybe there was a compilation error or something.

  • I downloaded sass so I can compile. I tried to compile vars.scss, home.scss and career.scss files but still, the changes are not visible. I opened cmd and ran cd dir to the directory of sass. Then ran sass --version to test it and succeeded. Than I ran sass musa/project/vars.scss and seemed to have worked just fine. I did that to all the files needed compilation. Did I follow the correct steps to compile? If not, may you please advise me on the proper way to compile? Jun 22 '18 at 14:54
  • Ok, I have vars.scss in the main templates folder (craft/templates), in the _layouts folder I have home folder (craft/templates/_layouts/home/home.scss) and careers folder (craft/templates/_layouts/careers/careers.scss). The home.scss and careers.scss imports vars.scss. in the assets folder there is a bundle.css file (assets/bundle.css) that maps (assets/bundle.css.map) the the vars.scss. I tried to run sass --watch vars.scss:bundle.css and the entire styling of bundle.css was changed completely and the rest was broken. How do I compile without braking the rest of the styling? Jun 26 '18 at 7:09

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