I need some help in a craft backend plugin.
I use this plugin in a commerce order page.

I'm using it to handle onStatusChange (commerce_orderHistories).
In this event, i'm testing a custom variable order and current order status.

Here is my code ...

public function init() {
    craft()->on('commerce_orderHistories.onStatusChange', [$this, 'onStatusChange']);

public function onStatusChange(Event $event) {
    $customVar = $event->params['order']->customVar;
    $orderStatusId = $event->params['order']->orderStatus->id;

    if ($orderStatusId == 2 && $customVar == '') {
        $event->performAction = false;
        craft()->userSession->setFlash('error', 'CustomVar required');
        $order->orderStatusId = 1;

If orderStatusId = 2 and customVar is empty :
   -  orderStatusId go back to 1
   -  set Flash Error
   -  Save order

It's working, status go back to 1.
But there is no refresh/reload/redirect of the page.
Just my status modal get closed.
And if I reload manually, i've got the Flash Error.

I'm not sure about the good way do to it ...

Thanks for your help !

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