I'm new to commerce but almost I've cracked all I need to my project but one piece still left. I can't display order shipping address. I've tried {{ order.shippingAddressId(shippingAddress) }} but it giving me order referance number.

From documentation: shippingAddressId # The id of the linked shipping address. You can get the shipping address model with the shippingAddress attribute. shippingAddress # This returns the address model from the database for the current shippingAddressId OR the caches address if the order is complete.

Please help...


Sounds like order.shippingAddress is all you need!

{% set orderAddress = order.shippingAddress %}

{{ orderAddress.firstName }}
{{ orderAddress.lastName }}
{{ orderAddress.address1 }}
{# ...etc! #}
  • Awesome!! I will try it tonight. Thank you! – Marcin Jun 9 '18 at 17:41

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