I have a simple for loop to get the names of countries from a category.

{% for name in country %} {{ name.title }} {% endfor %}  

The output is typically returns the name of 1 country. But, some entries are associated with more than one country.

For example:

Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Greece Netherlands Norway Portugal

How do I template for an entry that returns 2-N country names by adding "," between each country and "and" before the last country?

This is what I want to output:

Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Norway and Portugal


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You can use loop variables

{% set i = country|length %} // number of total items
{% set indexLast = i - 2 %}  // index of the last comma
{% for name in country %}
    {% if loop.last and i > 1 %} and {% endif %}{{ name.title }}{%if i > 2 and loop.index0 < indexLast  %},{% endif %}
{% endfor %}


  • if there is more than one item and it is the last iteration: add an and at the beginning
  • if there are more than 2 items (otherwise it's only one and) and the current loop index is smaller than count - 2 ( it should display nothing in the last iteration and only an and before the last)-> display a comma ,
  • Unexpected token "name" of value "last" ("end of statement block" expected)..
    – Hellyar
    Jun 4, 2018 at 22:09

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