How would I get the global variables associated to other sites?

For example, in an instance where I have three websites under the group languages for the English, Spanish, and French versions. I have specified companyInformation globals that contain: phone, address, and logo.

From a template I would like: - Loop through all sites under the group languages - Get companyInformation global values for each of the sites

Thanks in advance

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The function is

public function getSetByHandle(string $globalSetHandle, int $siteId = null)

Thus you can grab all the siteIds you want and loop through them

{% for siteId in sites %}
    {% set setForSiteId = craft.app.getGlobals().getSetByHandle('handle', siteId) %} 
{% endfor %} 
  • Thanks Robin! Just for clarity purposes: We'd grab all sites with: {% set sites = craft.app.sites.getAllSites() %} And then use the loop you provided as follows: ```` {% for site in sites %} {% set siteGlobals = craft.app.getGlobals().getSetByHandle('myGlobalsHandle', site.id) %} {% endfor %} ````
    – cballenar
    Jun 1, 2018 at 20:49

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