Now I have a "gallery image" field which allows users to upload multiple images, and some "single-upload image field" in matrix block.

For "single-upload image field", I want to force users to choose images only from the "gallery image" field.

To do that, I want to create a custom asset source called "gallery image". So with this source selected, I can limit the source of "single-upload image field".

Any idea to achieve this? Thanks!


Of course, just create a new asset source (settings > volumes > new volume) then in your image field select 'Restrict uploads to a single folder' in your field and then select the asset source you just created.

enter image description here

  • Basically what you mean is to create a Asset field which source is based on another volume. But what I need is a new Asset field type and its source is another Asset field in the same entry. Let's say when a user open a entry editing page, he selected three images to field A, Ctrl+s to save. Then he can only select these three images to field B.
    – yu xia
    Jun 6 '18 at 22:37

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