When I get an Entry Object that has been set, I notice all of my fields except the Category fields are available to me. For example:

[_behaviors:yii\base\Component:private] => Array
        [customFields] => craft\behaviors\ContentBehavior Object
                [adjustedRemainingLife] => 100%
                [adjustedRemainingYears] => 116
                [answerSets] => [{"col3":"Paving and curbs are less than 3 years old, and in good condition. No repairs are needed, preventative maintenance ","col1":"Paving and curbs are in good condition, and only require routine maintenance - 90%","col2":"Minor repairs and patching are required, not exceeding 30% of value -\r\n60%","col4":"Significant repairs are needed to as much as 60% of value. - 30%","col5":"All or majority of systems should be replaced - 0%"}]
                [groundsQuestions] =>

Where groundsQuestions is my category field, I figure if it isn't flowing through, there must be some way to get that value in a plugin?


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Since groundsQuestions is a category field, calling it will return an element query on which you can call one(), all(), etc.

For example:

$groundsQuestions = $entry->groundsQuestions->all();

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