As part of the new GDPR requirements in europe I've used cookiebot to show visitors what cookies we use on our site.

It's managed to show us what all but 1 cookie is used for. The cookie is called TS# and in their example stores this information: 0ei8sug22mj561h32e087mb5f2

The cookiebot report doesn’t mention CraftSessionId which has this data: p2q9d364sf2abu1mmd5vi8rd54

May be a coincidence but they're both 26 characters long.

Does anyone know what the TS# cookie is used for, if it is a Craft CMS cookie?

  • I've never seen that cookie before on a Craft site. Might be something (JavaScript?) that's been added to the front-end. – Lindsey D May 24 '18 at 19:30

Craft doesn't natively set a cookie named TS#, so it's either coming from something in your front-end templates or possibly from a plugin you've got installed.

You can read about the CraftSessionId cookie and all other cookies that Craft uses by default here: https://craftcms.com/support/how-does-craft-use-cookies

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