I am running into an anomaly when trying to use FeedMe to update existing fields. My data source is a CSV file. I have a unique ID.

I used FMP to create the entries. Now, I want to update a table in each entry with annual sales data.

FMP is set to update existing elements. My unique ID (Line ID) exists in both the entries to be updated and the source CSV file.

I have aligned the source CSV file fields to the target entry table fields. The data preview looks good, with the value for each year correctly aligned.

I also reduced the # of fields being updated to just the table fields and unique ID.

FMP runs the feed with no errors. But, the output value for each year in the table is no longer correctly aligned with the assigned year in FMP setup. I thought at first it was a templating error on my part, but the values are misaligned in the CP entries.



I believe this has been fixed in the latest version of Feed Me ( at time of writing). Do feel free to comment if not, or get in touch via the Feed Me support channels

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