In Craft CMS is it possible to add a Secion, Entries in basic/simple HTML page instead of Twig template?

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You can't add a Section in Twig either. You have to use PHP in order to create logic. Html is only used to display things on you page but it does not include logic nor is it able to fetch elements (working with databases) Twig is a template engine, you could describe it as a middleman between HTML and PHP it is able to fetch elements and uses a limited amount of PHP to display them

You won't be able to work with Craft properly without using Twig at all unless you modify many things with PHP

Like mentioned in the other thread Craft might not be the correct CMS for you


Yes, it is possible, but it generally doesn't make much sense because the purpose of CraftCMS, is to allow anybody to easily change the content of what is in the template without having to use actual HTML.

If you want your template to be plain HTML, you can do so by creating an HTML file under the templates/ folder and pointing to it in your section settings. For example, for templates/terms.html you'd set your section template as:

enter image description here

Note: Did you have the chance to read my answer here? Do you have any questions about what I said?

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