This thread Export Craft Data leads me to add a new question.

What is a good Craft 3 export plugin?

I know several for imports, for example the FeedMe plugin is doing a great job, but nothing to export data.

What I need:

  • Export buttons for all views in CP. (Columns can be defined)
  • related entries/categories can be included in the export
  • in an extra view you can prepare templates of exports (like in the Wordpress plugin WPAllExport)
  • It should also be possible to define a path where it exports the data on a regular basis

(And I think you can imagine much more benefits...)

And NO, the ElementAPI Plugin does not fit my needs. It has to be Client-Usable.

We created a lot of web applications where we always implement some kind of export. If there is nothing out there I am really thinking of creating a plugin. Is there anyone else out there willing to support an ideal Export Plugin (and is also willing to pay for a Pro Version 😆)


Assuming you want to export to a CSV, I'd recommend trying the Sprout Reports plugin...


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