I'm trying to update a checkbox field of an entry through a plugin service. I tried two things:

  1. Get the field values with $entry->fieldHandle->getOptions(), then manipulating the resulting array, then set the value with $entry->fieldHandle->setOptions()

    $contact = Entry::find()
    $newsletters = $contact->contactNewsletterSubscriptions->getOptions();
    $newsletters[$index]->selected = false;

(where $index is the array index of the setting I want to change)

-> this didn't work (no error message, changes just didn't get saved)

  1. If I make a var_dump of $contact, the field contactNewsletterSubscriptions is showed as string. I played around with json_decode and serialize to get the right formatting (it looks exactly as when doing a var_dump):

    $newsletterSubscriptions = json_decode($contact->contactNewsletterSubscriptions->serialize());
    $index = array_search($newsletterName, $newsletterSubscriptions);
    $contact->contactNewsletterSubscriptions = (string)json_encode(array_values($newsletterSubscriptions))

-> doesn't work either; value gets saved as string; if I later call getOptions() on the field I'm getting "Call to a member function getOptions() on string"

Any idea how I can change the status of a checkbox from selected = true to selected = false?

Best regards.


You need to set the field value, not the options

$entry->setFieldValue('fieldHandle' [
    'value1', 'value2'

If you want to change the values, the easiest method is

$allOptions = $entry->getFieldValue('fieldHandle');
$selected = [];
foreach($allOptions as $option){
         $selected[] = $option->value;
// unset a value
// add another value
$selected[] = 'anotherValue';
$entry->setFieldValue('fieldHandle', $selected);


Another approach - a little bit less code and more general since it's the same for every single field in Craft - but more resource heavy

$field = Craft::$app->getFields()->getFieldByHandle('handle);
$selected = $field->serializeValue($entry->getFieldValue('handle'), $entry);
$selected[] = 'anotherValue';
$entry->setFieldValue('handle', $selected);
  • Accepted solution! Works perfectly - Thanks a lot!
    – Mischa Sz.
    May 7 '18 at 8:22

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