I have the P&T Amazon S3 plugin. It's connected to my S3 bucket. It stores a few test .PDF files. It is working. I am able to access the files - and the URL is that of my S3 bucket - i.e., my-bucket-name.s3.amazonaws.com/filename.pdf

I created a CloudFront distribution. It is deployed and enabled.

I added my CloudFront Distribution ID to the CloudFront Distribution ID field in the plugin. Do I need to add the distribution's Domain Name to any of the plugin's settings?

How do I know if the image is being accessed through CloudFront? The URL has not changed - i.e., - i.e., my-bucket-name.s3.amazonaws.com/filename.pdf

I can access the .PDFs in my S3 bucket using the CloudFront domain name -- i.e., cloud-front-domain-name.cloudfront.net/filename.pdf.


I wrote up an article that might be helpful for future-people looking for step by step instructions on setting this up: Setting Up AWS S3 Buckets + CloudFront CDN for your Assets


Okay -- this was easy -- I was taking the instructions too literally. You have to replace the S3 URL with the CloudFront URL.

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