I am trying to use the FeedMe plugin to append data to existing entries.

My existing entries have a field that is a unique ID. It is named Line Id. They also have a blank field named Program Justification.

The .csv file I am importing has only 2 fields Line Id and Program Justification. They should sync with the existing entries. But, FeedMe keeps throwing an error

*justAPAF Justification: Unable to match an existing element. Have you set a unique identifier for ["lineId"] and does this have a value? - Element.php:104*

I do not know what I am doing wrong. I use Line Id as a unique identifier in multiple database, data parsing and data visualization tools with no issues.

I am sure this is a simple 30 second explanation - but it has stopped me cold in my tracks for 5 days now.



I believe we figured this out over Slack, but the issue here was that you need to actually import your Line Id column into your lineId field, otherwise Feed Me doesn't know anything about that.

The checkbox to tell Feed Me to use a certain field's value to match existing elements on is one half of the problem - you've already correctly chosen Line Id. The issue is you need the other half - what data in your feed is supposed to match up with Line Id and lineId.

I suppose a less confusing UI would be to have an accompanying dropdown field near those checkboxes to say which bit of data in your feed should you be comparing with.

  • Yep - everything is working. I am closing it now. Thanks again! – Hellyar May 3 '18 at 13:55

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