I have looked at documentation and I still can't figure out how to output the matrix to my template.

The Field handle name is: threeHomepageImages

The Block type handle name is: images

The Fields names are: image, alt, and imageTitle

I have the following and tried a few combinations, but no luck. Any help is much appreciated.

{% for block in entry.threeHomepageImages.type('images') %}
    {{ image }} {{ alt }} {{ imageTitle }}
{% endfor %}

It looks like you're pretty close, but those field names need to be called as attributes on block:

{% for block in entry.threeHomepageImages.type('images') %}
    {% if block.image|length %}
        {{ block.image.first }}
    {% endif %}
    {{ block.alt }} {{ block.imageTitle }}
{% endfor %}

I'm assuming your image field is an Assets Field here, so you need to first check that any exist, then select the first one.


You're almost there.

Every block returns a MatrixBlockModel, so you have to reference your block when getting the attributes:

{% for block in entry.threeHomepageImages.type('images') %}
    <h2>{{ block.imageTitle }}</h2>
    {# Save images to variable for reuse #}
    {% set image = block.image %}
    {# Check if there is any images #}
    {% if image | length %}
        {# Get url #}
        {% set image = image.first().getUrl() %}
        <img src="{{ image }}" alt="{{ block.alt }}" /> 
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

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