I have a structure for different categories like salad, soup, main course and so on. Basically they share the same fields - but I want to be able to have dynamic singles based on those structures. For example I have a MainMenu-Single where I than can select entries from salads, soups, main courses and so on.

But is there a way to loop through all the fields in that single?

I tried:

{% for category in craft.entries.section('foodMenuCategories') %}
    {% if entry.{category} is defined %} 

Sadly that doesn't work.

  • Not sure I am understanding the question so I don't want to answer outright, but you shouldn't have curly brackets within your twig. So {% if entry.category is defined %} – AbbeyDesign Sep 17 '14 at 13:16
  • thats exacly my problem I have like ten different categories but they need exactly the same snippet and I want to automate the {% if entry.soup is defined %} {% if entry.salad is defined %} {% if entry.mainCourse is defined %} and so on – maxx Sep 17 '14 at 13:20

I think there's a few ways you can do this with twig.

You should be able to check whether the category slug exists as an attribute on the entry object:

{% for category in craft.categories.group('foodMenuCategories') %}
    {% if category.slug in entry.getAttributes|keys %} 

Or by using the category slug in an array accessor:

{% for category in craft.categories.group('foodMenuCategories') %}
    {% if entry[category.slug] is defined %}

Or whether the getAttribute() method on the entry model returns anything truthy for that handle:

{% for category in craft.categories.group('foodMenuCategories') %}
    {% if entry.getAttribute(category.slug) %} 

It's also important, that the slug is the same in every language!

  • the .handle is only for categoryGroups so I have to use something different - but the idea is perfect – maxx Sep 17 '14 at 13:43

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