I have a controller action which returns JSON with a rendered template. This template uses date picker form fields. How can the date picker JS be initialized since the html is returned through JSON. I would have thought since the date picker field includes the necessary JS within {%js%} tag during template render it would be initialized. Could it be the timing of render vs adding the template html to the DOM? (Craft 3)

$view = $this->getView();

$html = $view->renderTemplate('_modal',['values' => $values, 'siteId' => $siteId]);
$headHtml = $view->getHeadHtml();

return $this->asJson(['html' => $html, 'headHtml' => $headHtml]);

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Since your controller returns json you'll probably have a Javascript function that calls this controller so you can initialize it at the moment you receive the html.

Besides that you can as well include Javascript in your Craft::$app->getView()->registerJs class.

  • So the JS included in the DatePicker field macro won't be executed therefore I will need to initialize either in the JS function or using getView()->registerJs?
    – a-am
    Apr 11, 2018 at 20:00

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