I'm a relative newbie to Craft CMS / Solspace Freeform. I'm trying to implement a form which will capture some basic details and send to an email address.

I've done the setup correctly (from what I can see) however when I go into email notifications I can only see database entry templates and no email notification templates.

When I test my form it submits the data to the submission page on Craft but no email is ever sent.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

There is a contact form and related template setup by someone prior to me on the website which I know emails to a specified email address, but I can't seem to get mine working.


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Freeform allows you to send email notifications 5 different ways (all of them each being able to have their own notification templates, etc).

For setting up Admin Notifications specifically, follow these instructions:

Email notifications can be sent to one or more admin email addresses. To setup:

  • In Composer interface for the form, click on the Admin Notifications (envelope icon) tab at the top right.
  • Select and/or add an email template.
  • Specify admin email address(es) in the text area below. Separated multiples by line breaks only.

As for actually choosing between database-based notifications or HTML file-based notifications, setting them up, etc, you can check out the documentation here.

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