The question is admin (backend only), not Twig :

Where to Manage "copy from" site when adding new website and add section to this website. The "Copyfrom" takes place in the background after activating the section.

When adding a new (multilanguage) website and setting the section to that language it copies data to this new website or language. I did a test and exported the "content" table as csv to see what happens.

  • When adding a new website, it copys the structure to that language (more lines in csv)
  • When activating a section on the new website it copies the content to that language (more lines in csv from that section)Looks logical so far....But "What" determens the "copyFrom" content ?Introducing a new language now copies always "German" content.I really want to choose that part (when adding the Sections).

This is the structure in websites:

website.at websiteAt de-AT https://website.at/ website.eu
website.com websiteCom en-US http://website-comdev.nl/ website.eu
website.de websiteDe de-DE https://website.de/ website.eu
website.eu websiteEu en V https://website.eu/ website.eu
website.fr websiteFr fr https://website.fr/ website.eu
website.nl websiteNl nl-NL https://website.nl/ website.eu
website.sk websiteSk sk-SK https://www.website.sk/ website.eu

Example: If i add website.zz and activate the section, the content is filled with german content (? maybe the first in the list). I want to manage the copyFrom and now we don't know wich default content is taken by introducing a new website/language.

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