I have a plugin which is used to send a notification email when certain events happen.

I need to watch the contents of a Matrix field attached to a User, and when a Lightswitch field inside the Matrix is 'on', flip another Lightswitch field on the same matrix block. Here's the simplified code I have so far:

craft()->on('users.onBeforeSaveUser', function(Event $event) {
    foreach ($user->getContent()->myMatrixField as $matrixBlock) {
            $matrixBlock->secondLightswitch = '1';

I am getting the following error though:

Property “Craft\MatrixBlockModel.secondLightswitch” is not defined

It's very definitely defined. I presume I'm trying to set the field incorrectly, but can't find out how.

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You have to do:

$matrixBlock->getContent()->setAttribute('secondLightswitch', '1');

You can only get attributes via magic methods but you can't set them

  • Thanks Robin - now I need to read up about "magic methods". Apr 6, 2018 at 8:03

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