Running craft cms 2 as a backend with react as the front end I am able to create a cart via an ajax post request to actions/commerce/cart/updateCart.

However, I'm not sure how to then update that cart. Every request to updateCart creates a new cart.

What do I need to pass to updateCart for it to update instead of create a new cart?

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    Turns out it was a lot simpler than I thought. forgot to add credentials: 'same-origin', to the fetch object.
    – Nick Hu
    Commented Apr 10, 2018 at 6:50

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Craft 3

This is how Craft Commerce fetches the Card

if ($orderNumber = $request->getBodyParam('orderNumber')) {
    // Get the cart from the order number
    $cart = Order::find()->number($orderNumber)->isCompleted(false)->one();

You have to include an orderNumber parameter

Craft 2

$number = $this->_getSessionCartNumber();

if ($cart = $this->_getCartRecordByNumber($number))
    $this->_cart = Commerce_OrderModel::populateModel($cart);
    $this->_cart = new Commerce_OrderModel;
    $this->_cart->number = $number;

 * @return mixed|string
private function _getSessionCartNumber()
    $cookieId = $this->cookieCartId;
    $cartNumber = craft()->userSession->getStateCookieValue($cookieId);

    if (!$cartNumber)
        $cartNumber = md5(uniqid(mt_rand(), true));
        $configInterval = craft()->config->get('cartCookieDuration', 'commerce');
        $interval = new DateInterval($configInterval);
        $cartExpiry = date_create('@0')->add($interval)->getTimestamp();
        craft()->userSession->saveCookie($cookieId, $cartNumber, $cartExpiry);

    return $cartNumber;

I think you'll have to change the cookie


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