Craft: 2.6.3013 (Personal)
MAMP Pro: 4.4.1
PHP: 7.0.12 (CGI Mode)

After logging into the CP, and following a relatively short period of time, the session expires unexpectedly and Craft requests a login. Attempting to log in fails and immediately returns to the login modal; however, simply refreshing the page re-establishes the session, but again for only the limited period of time.

Looking at /craft/storage/runtime/sessions I see that Craft is creating a number of sessions, some of them being zero bytes.

Attempted Solutions
I've tried the following, based on other users' past experiences and solutions:

  • In general.php: 'requireMatchingUserAgentForSession' => false
  • In general.php: 'overridePhpSessionLocation' => true
  • In php.ini: session.auto_start = 0
  • Permissions set to 777 for /craft/storage/runtime
  • In MAMP, enable/disable "Xdebug (Debugger)" PHP extension
  • Lastly, tested in both PHP 7.0.12 and 5.6.32 without CGI mode

Next Steps?
Does it appear that I've missed anything in my previous steps? I've been using Craft 2 for a couple of years in a variety of environments--MAMP 3 / Vagrant / Docker--and haven't experienced this before. The issue isn't a showstopper, but certainly an annoyance, and I would be grateful for thoughts on what to try next.


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This ended up being an issue with, so far as I can tell, my env variables--specifically a misconfiguration with the basePath.

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