Is it possible to eagerLoad fields in categories?

I have this code;

{% set markets = craft.categories.group({
  section: 'markets',
  with: ['bannerImage']
}) %}

which for some reason is throwing an error;

mb_convert_case() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given

Is this a bug or something bad in my code? Removing the with call and it renders fine.


This is basically just a syntax error. What you are doing is: searching for entries in the group section: 'markets', with: ['bannerImage'] but what you want is searching for categories in the group markets with the field bannerImage

{% set markets = craft.categories.group('markets').with(['bannerImage']).all() %}

The group parameter in your CategoryQuery defined which group(s) you want to select. The with parameter your eager-loading elements. Btw: Categories have no section property


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