Just starting with plugin development. I modified the code from pluginfactory.io for a custom tag:

public function navHTML()
    $result = '<h2>Hello again</h2>';
    return $result;

and I am getting output. The issue is the html tags are being converted to alt characters. Here is the actual source of my index page:


IT looks like Craft or Twig is converting the tags to alt characters. I need to create an unordered list html using the plugin. How do I prevent Craft or Twig from converting the HTML to alt characters?

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You need to make sure that you're returning the raw version of the HTML.

In Craft 2, it looks like this...

return TemplateHelper::getRaw($result);

In Craft 3, it looks like this...

return Template::raw($result);

If you're doing this in Craft 3, you need to also be sure that you are loading the Template helper class at the top:

use craft\helpers\Template;
  • Maybe it's worth noting: you can also use/access that function inside your template with {{ html|raw }} Mar 26, 2018 at 7:03

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