I have a customer that wants to modify the order confirmation email. I set up a new Entry for order confirmation to include a content block that goes to the email/email_confirmation file.

When I check in the browser or preview it works perfectly. When I actually send the email it doesn’t appear.

1) It works in the browser with:

{% if entry.basicContentBlocks %}
// html code
{% endif %}

2) The Commerce plugin only seems to read from information in Commerce. I tried to pull in the data:

{% set emailEntry = craft.entries.section('emailConfirmation') %}

3) I tried making a global variable that used the email confirmation entry:

{% set emailBlock = craft.globals.getSetByHandle('emailBlock') %}

It seems the email is loaded and sent before the entry information.

Is there a work around to allow customers to add information or pictures from the CMS?

Thank you for your help,

  • You can definitely load entries in a commerce email. Not really sure what errors you are getting? Mar 23 '18 at 19:48

Even though the emailConfirmation was only one entry it was an array.

{% set emailEntry = craft.entries.section('emailConfirmation').first() %}

setting up the entry to the html was similar to what I thought, but I didn't include the ".first()" so I wasn't getting what I expected.

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