I'm using this support article as a guide and I'm stuck on what I'm doing wrong.

I have an "events" section, and I would like to use a different template for one the entries. I've created a new entry type in the "events" section and gave it the handle "summerpreview." I created a template in the "events" subfolder: "_types" entitled: "summerpreview.html." That template uses the include tag:

{% include "events/_types/" ~ summerpreview.html %}

I've created an entry inside the "events" section using the "summer preview" entry type and gave it the slug of "summerpreview."

What am I missing here? The entry pulls using the default "events" template and not the "summerpreview." What do I need to do for this event to use "summerpreview" template?


You need to allow the entry.type value to be part of the include path...

{% include "events/_types/" ~ entry.type %}

Since your entry.type is "summerpreview", that will be parsed out like this...

{% include "events/_types/summerpreview" %}

With Craft, you don't need to specify the .html extension, so this include should work perfectly.

As a side note... I'd recommend turning on devMode locally. It would have thrown an error, telling you that summerpreview is not a legitimate variable.

What Dev Mode Does

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