Is it possible to have the labels for any of these fields be translatable in templates? I don't mean make the whole field translatable - the same option values would be shared between locales, I would just like the output the label in the correct language.


Use the translate (or t) filter:


See how to translate static text in templates

  • Brilliant, works perfectly. I didn't think it would work unless it was an actual string like {{ "Something"|t }}. Sep 11 '14 at 1:27

Using the LJ Dynamic Fields plugin, you can also generate drop-down, checkbox, multi-select, and radio button labels/values dynamically from a another channel. If the lookup channel data is localized then the labels will be also. I implemented this for a localized drop-down country list. Works great! and client can control the entries. Powerful plugin.

{% for entry in craft.entries.section('countries').limit(null).order('countryName') %}
  { "value":"{{ entry.countryCode }}" , "label":"{{ entry.countryName }}"}
  {% if not loop.last %},{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
  • this is an excellent idea
    – mjr
    Jan 12 '16 at 22:43

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