I'd like to use a single template to pull in entries from different channels based on url segment 2. But it seems I need to change the section attribute to match the url segment:

{% for entry in craft.entries.section('mySection').find() %}

Given that the url segment and section handle are different, can this be done?

For example the url segment might be hotel-california and the section handle of the section I want entries from could be hotelCalifornia or hotelsInCalifornia.


Personally, in situations like this (particularly if there's only a few items, and no easy way to automate it with inflection or similar,) I just use an array as a kind of dictionary.

{% set sectionHandlesBySegment = { 
    'hotel-california': 'hotelsCalifornia',
    'hotel-florida':    'hotelsFlorida' }

{% if not craft.request.getSegment(2) in sectionHandlesBySegment|keys %}
    {% exit 404 %}
{% endif %}

{% set sectionHandle = sectionHandlesBySegment[craft.request.getSegment(2)] %}
{% set hotels = craft.entries.section(sectionHandle) %}

You could use the "object syntax" of the ElementCriteriaModel, in combination with an if-statement:

// Checks if the 2. segment of the url is 'hotel-california'
{% if craft.request.getSegment(2) == 'hotel-california' %}
    {% set params = { section: 'hotelCalifornia' } %}
{% else %}
    {% set params = { section: 'anotherSection' } %}
{% endif %}

{% for entry in craft.entries(params) %}
    {{ entry.title }}
{% endif %}

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