This may not be the most efficient approach for this specific case but I'm trying to learn how this might be done for other similar problems I might run across in the future so bear with me here.

I have a Global that creates links to social media sites on my profile page. My fields include icon (asset), name (text), url (text), and color (color). I have included the following at the top of my template:

{% set buttonCSS %}
    {% for block in contactLinks.contactLinks.type("contactLink") %}
    .{{ block.contactLinkName | lower }}:hover {
        background-color: {{ block.buttonColor }}
    {% endfor %}
{% endset %}

{% includeCss buttonCSS %}

This generates dynamic styles for each button at the top of my profile page so I can add links. My template then generates the links:

{% for block in contactLinks.contactLinks.type("contactLink") %}
<a href="{{ block.contactLinkUrl | entities }}" class="contact_link {{ block.contactLinkName | lower }}{% if loop.last %} last{% endif %}" target="_blank">
    <img src="{{ block.contactLinkIcon.first().url }}" class="contact_link_image" /><p class="contact_link_text">{{ block.contactLinkName }}</p>
{% endfor %}

Now, for the most part this works since social media sites tend to be one word but when I tried to use "Let's Talk" for my email link I run into problems with the CSS. What's the best way to strip the apostrophe and spaces from my class names?

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You can chain filters to achieve what you want. The example for the twig replace filter in the Craft docs shows this in action.

So you could replace:

{{ block.contactLinkName | lower }}


{{ block.contactLinkName | lower | replace('/ /', '-') | replace("'","") }}
  • This worked for the most part. One of these days I'm going to learn RegEx but I was able to change the first replace to look for only spaces. As written this removes a lot more then just spaces. I'll look into a way to find punctuation and update this soon but for now this works. Commented Sep 8, 2014 at 16:39

I would use the slugify twig filter:

{{ block.contactLinkName | slugify }}

It will handle apostrophies, spaces, and anything else that might come along.


You could use the twig replace


{{ block.contactLinkName | replace({' ': -}) }}

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