Is it possible to 'group' search logic in the craft.entries.search query? I need to do the following: [a OR b OR c] AND [d OR e] AND [x OR y OR z]



You can combine ORs within the same column but you can't easily combine multiple columns with an OR statement.

craft.entries.yourFieldHandle('OR, x, y, z').anotherFieldHandle('OR, d, e')

Thanks Robin, that answers my question. I also emailed Craft support – posting Brad's response below for posterity, which suggests other ways to approach this.

Robin is correct here: Search query: grouping and merging multiple searches

If you're looking for more complex, you might be able to pull it off with a plugin that listened to the onBuildElementsQuery event (https://craftcms.com/docs/plugins/events-reference#elements-onBuildElementsQuery) or possibly through an external search service like Algolia. There's a Craft integration for the latter here: https://transition.topshelfcraft.com/software/craft/searchplus/overview

Thanks again


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