Is there a way to get all available image transforms in a template? I would like to generate the srcset for responsive images programmatically.

I thought of creating a macro for that but haven't found any information about how to loop over all the registered image transforms.

  • You might want to get out the ImageOptimize plugin; it has an OptimizedImages field that will pre-generate the srcset for you and create all of the images on Asset save time, so the frontend performance is optimal. – andrew.welch Apr 21 '18 at 21:28
  • Another approach is is the Picture plugin, where you define the transforms for a picture style in a config file. – Marion Newlevant Apr 24 '18 at 10:42

Craft 3 PHP

$transforms = Craft::$app->getAssetTransforms()->getAllTransforms();
foreach($allTransforms as $transform){
    echo $asset->getUrl($transform->handle);

Craft 3 Twig

{% set allTransforms = craft.app.getAssetTransforms.getAllTransforms() %}
{% for transform in allTransforms %}            
    {{ asset.getUrl(transform.handle) }}
{% endfor %}

Craft 2 PHP

$allTansforms = craft()->assetTransforms->getAllTransforms();

Craft 2 Twig

You'll need a plugin for this because you don't have access to that component

{% set allTransforms = craft.pluginHandle.getAllAssetTransforms %}

And in your PluginVariable

public function getAllAssetTransforms(){
    return craft()->assetTransforms->getAllTransforms();
  • I think for Craft 3 Twig, it should be {{ asset.getUrl(transform.handle) }}. I tried to edit your post, but I need to edit at least 6 characters ... – obs Apr 20 '18 at 13:10

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