A couple questions...

1) How do these dynamic searches work? A excellent example is found at McMaster Carr website

2) Is there any search plugin like that for Craft? I did not see any.

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You don't really need a "search" plugin for that. Craft has a brilliant Query Builder so it can be done really easily. Furthermore there is the Element Api which provides a JSON endpoint.

I suggest you to read the docs about Searching in Craft and about Queries in Templates.

If you wan't to search for entries containing these words, a specific length and a threadSize you could do

{% for entry in craft.entries.threadSize('and, >0, <80).length('and, >10, <100).search({
    query: 'socket head screws',
    subLeft: true,
    subRight: true                
}).limit(10).all() %}
        <h1><a href="{{ entry.url }}">{{ entry.title }}</a></h1>
        <a href="{{ entry.url }}">Continue reading</a>
{% endfor %}

That's basically it.

For advanced searches I would recommend to create a custom plugin. It's totally easy to search things in Craft so the need of a "default" plugins is not really high and it's faster to create a custom plugin than to find one that fits all your specific needs.

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